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A Perfect Job Application
Experience for Candidates

With its user-friendly interface, Personai enables a perfect application experience, while at the same time, it enables candidates to complete their applications correctly with the guidance it sustains during the application process.

It's Time to Discover the
Hidden Talents!

Personai, with its machine learning features detects the competencies and talents hidden within the resumes of applicants and alerts you about the potential star employees.

Instantly Identify Appropriate
Talents for Your Company with
Pinpoint Targeting

Personai, with its advanced artificial intelligence learning system, offers the list of most suitable candidates for the position and lets you concentrate on other critical aspects of recruitment.

Are you ready to speed up your recruitment processes?

Catch Trends with Your Job Postings
Make the Right Appeal for your
Potential Candidates!

Personai guides you through the job posting processes and while listening millions of job posts every day, it detects trends and relevant KPI’s and offers the criteria during job posting, for you to make the right appeal to your potential candidates in a very short amount of time.

Turn the Candidate Pool into a
Talent Pool of Opportunities

AI supported Personai, organizes the candidates based on their talents and competencies and creates an organized and well-defined potential talent pool. This enables you to find the right candidate even without detecting the job posting and managing the application process saving you both time and money.

Fill Your Open Positions with
Qualified Candidates Without
Wasting Time

Personai with the embedded competency and skill tests, discovers the talents with the right potential that can contribute to your company.

Fuel Your Potential Talent Pool!

Your Personal Assistant
is with you 24/7

With its embedded Assistance,
Personai guides both the job seekers and recruiters with notifications,
warnings and critical detections during the whole process.

Fuel Your Potential Talent Pool!

Personai provides everything you need
During your recruitment process with its
New generation artificial intelligence structure!


Being integrated with candidate assessment platforms, you can effectively manage and track the evaluation and assessment process within the system.


You can manage and track the interviews with the candidates in the system


Without the need to fill out the application form, the candidate information is collected, and the profile is created with the artificial intelligence-based CV parsing method or by integrating with the registered social business networking / job application platforms.


You can receive applications for job postings published on social business network/job application platforms easily and quickly through Personai.


Personai Assist recommends relevant job postings to candidates. It guides the employees developing their competencies and ensuring that they gain qualifications suitable for their career goals.